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Lost 26/12/2015Ginger with white spot on chest CatNeutered Male, 4 years, no chip no collarHarwood BL2
Lost 10/01/2016Black white CatNeutered female chipped with collarEgerton BL7
Lost 07/01/2016Grey White and Black CatFemale chippedBlackburn BB2
Lost 14/01/2016Dark Tortie CatNeutered Female 4 years old no collar but chippedLittle Lever BL3
Lost 21/01/2016White Tortie CatFemale chipped wearing a collar 3 years oldKearsley BL4
Lost 01/01/2016Bengal CatNot neutered 2 year old Male not chipped no collarFarnworth BL4
Lost 24/01/2016Black white CatNeutered Female no collar but chipped 14 months oldHeaton BL1
Found 13/01/2016Black CatNot Neutered Male no collar no chipGreat Lever BL3
Found 05/01/2016Black white CatFemale no collar not chipped 6-12 month old approxFarnworth BL4
Lost 16/01/2016Terrier CrossTan White Female Neutered chipped no collarHorwich BL6
Lost 17/01/2016Jack Russell crossWhite patch of tan around the base of tail female neutered not chipped no collar 11 year old.Deane BL3
Found 25/01/2016Staffordshire bull terrierFemale brown wearing orange collarHorwich BL6
Lost 27/12/2016Rabbit Dutch Black body and white around its neck neutered not chippedDeane BL3
Found 05/01/2016RabbitWhite and Brown Oldhams Estate BL1
Found 01/02/2016Tortie catFemale DLH, no collar, 5 years old approx, friendly Bolton BL1
Lost 24/01/2016Tabby/white catNeutered male, chipped, no collar, 8 years old. Great Lever BL3
Lost 01/02/2016Tabby/white cat Neutered male, wearing a blue collar, chippedHarwood BL2
Lost 04/02/2016Ginger catNeutered male, chipped, no collar Breightmet BL2
Lost 8/02/2016Black catNeutered male, microchipped, no collarBreightmet BL2
Lost 11/02/2016Tortie/white catFemale, not neutered, 11 months old, no collar, not microchipped Farnworth BL4
Lost 12/01/2016Tabby/white catUn-neutered male, not microchipped, no collar, 2 years old. Bromley Cross BL7
Lost 17/02/2016 Ginger catNeutered male, not microchipped, no collarFarnworth BL4
Lost 09/03/2016Black catNeutered female, no collar, not microchipped, 5 years old Farnworth BL4
Lost 09/03/2016Grey/white catNeutered female, microchipped, 3 years old, wearing a black fabric collarHorwich BL6
Lost 12/03/2016Dark tortie catNeutered female, microchipped, no collar, 3 years old. Tonge Fold BL2
Lost 18/03/2016Black catNeutered male, microchipped, no collar Bolton, BL1
Lost 17/03/2016Tabby/white catNeutered male, microchipped, no collar, 2 years old. Farnworth BL4
Lost January, 2016Black catUn neutered male, not microchipped, wearing a silver collar, 4 years old, quite largeBolton, BL1
Found 1/02/2016 (approx)White catPersian type, adult, no collar, friendlyBlackrod BL6
Found dead 22/02/2016Tabby catBridgeman Street School, Bolton
Found 12/03/2016Black male catNeutered, not microchipped Little Lever, BL3
Via pets located Ref BL0057801
Found 10/03/2016Black/white catFemale, young adult, not microchippedHorwich BL6
Via Pets located BL0057562
Found 28/02/2016White/tabby catNeutered male, no collar, 4 years oldFarnworth BL4
Found 15/03/2016Black catPossibly female, no collar, friendly, amputated tailHalliwell BL1
Found (approx 6 months ago)White/tabby cat Un neutered male, no collar Smithills, BL1
Found 04/02/2016Brown rabbit Long floppy ears, medium sized, tameTonge Fold BL2
Found 16/02/2016White rabbitGrey earsHalliwell BL1
Lost 2/03/2016Dark brown PolecatNeutered, female, not microchipped, friendlyHorwich BL6