RSPCA Bolton Branch

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Low cost neutering for cats and dogs in the Bolton area

Low cost neutering for cats and dogs in the Bolton area

For many years, Bolton has had a major problem with stray cats and dogs. Some are left behind when their owners move to a new area and have continuing litters of feral (semi-wild) cats / dogs.

Some owners are misinformed; believing it’s beneficial to allow their female cat or dog to have a litter of kittens/puppies.
Even if you’re lucky enough to find homes for your “babies”, how sure are you that they’ll prove to be “good homes”? Please, don’t add to the problem!


  • Prevent unwanted litters.
  • Reduce territorial urine marking (spraying)
  • Remove the strong “tomcat” smell, which can  make keeping a male in the house so unpleasant.
  • Reduce dominance related problems where two  dogs live together.
  • Reduce problem sexual behaviour in dogs  (e.g. mounting table-legs, cushions etc.)
  • Reduce roaming in search of mates (meaning less risk of fights, road accidents, or loss)
  • Prevent life-threatening pyometra  (infection of the uterus)
  • Stop females having phantom pregnancies or, more seriously, repeated pregnancies which will take their toll on her vitality.
  • Reduce the risk mammary (breast) cancer in females.
  • Prevent testicular cancer, and reduce the risk of other tumours, in males.
  • Stop female cats coming into heat every few  weeks, and bitches twice a year – with the extreme hormone related behaviour that this entails.
  • Generally make a cat more friendly and affectionate.


  • Turn your pet into a characterless “wimp”.
  • Make your pet fat.

Bolton Branch may provide financial help to those in receipt of Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance or Housing Benefit – to assist with the cost of having their pets neutered.

With the co-operation of many vets in Bolton, we operate a “Low Cost Neutering Scheme” – pet owners may pay as little as £10 for a male cat or female cat to be neutered.
Under a similar scheme dogs may be neutered for as little as £30 to £40 (though with most vets the charge for neutering a dog varies considerably with the size of the animal).

For more information or advice please contact Bolton RSPCA on Tel: 01204-521160